Don’t get attached to the outcome of a sales conversation

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Posted in Sales Troubleshooting

This might seem counterintuitive, but stick with us for a minute.  If you’re in sales, you naturally like to help people.  Keep this front of mind when you’re talking to people.  Let go of what you want and stay focused on what they want.  Have a fun conversation while doing a needs analysis, be present and get to know the person.  If they do become a member this connection will really help with retention.  

When you drop your ‘agenda’ (the outcome that you’re after), you open up the space for both of you to relax & just talk.  When this happens, it’s amazing how many times prospects decide to buy.  

When you approach selling with this in mind, you win even if the prospect says no.  

The connection will give you a raving fan that will share their experience whether or not they become a customer.

How many prospects have you had refer members but never joined themselves?