Have the confidence to acknowledge the true objection

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Posted in Profitability Systems

When you find yourself having to overcome several objections with one person, you might be missing the obvious.  If you stand back for a minute & put yourself in their shoes, (adopt their posture, breathing, attitude, etc.), the objection will click for you.  

I remember excusing myself for a minute, walking into the locker room, and doing my best to become the person I was talking to.  I adopted their posture, cadence, and mannerisms.  It became clear to me that this person was just using me - I was one more person to rebel against.  

I came back into the room and said, “It feels like you genuinely don’t want to start working out right now, is that true?”.  The prospect acknowledged their lack of commitment to change, and both of us could move on.  I avoided making them feel ‘pushed’ and they avoided taking more of my time with something that they didn’t want in the first place.

Don’t dance around the elephant in the room.  Jump on him for a ride!

How do you overcome objections?