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Just got this email from a new members and HAD to share: "The workout was great! I was telling the Instructor (and I mean this as the highest compliment-- I'm a director of business development at POLITICO): you guys are awesome sales people! So great at following up but never in a pushy way." Thanks Brittany Bachman and Karen Joy for teaching me how to be a sales person!!!

-Owner, Washington DC

Oct 3rd, 2017

I was responding to a new member and thought "what would Brittany say?" IT WORKED!!!!! 

-Franchisee, Washington

Oct 3rd, 2017

Is tomorrow really the last session already?!  I hope Brittany and Karen will be selling more trainings afterwards.  They have been awesome!  #takemymoney #rocksarsalestraining

-Owner, Ohio

Sep 24th, 2017

It’s Friday.  I finally am feeling a taste of this magical unicorn.  I wanted to share, mostly to remind myself to not be so hard on myself!!!  This week, start of August, I went 100% in closing sales for new members, sold packages to 2 former clients AND grabbed 15 new leads from a concert I tabled last night (I’d say a solid 8 of them are HOT, and now that I know how to follow up WILL come to class & join!) ☺ Thanks for the continued inspiration!

-Franchisee, Oregon

Sep 10th, 2017

I was discouraged at the beginning of August when a lot of my teachers went back to work.  

Totally made up for it with the follow up strategies I’ve learned!  Landed 3 new members yesterday, 1 pass holder just emailed asking to switch to membership after she uses her last class and 4 new prospects signed up to come to class tomorrow.  #rebuilding


-Owner, Tennessee

Aug 16th, 2017


I want to just sing the praises of Brittany & Karen and this sales training (and I haven’t even completed it yet).  I was really hesitant to join because I opened my business in Sept and then we had some changes which led to a lot of financial stress.  I watched my net sail deeper and deeper into the red and I worked hard (but not smart) over the fall and winter and wavered with virtually nonexistent class attendance.  I had to shut down for December because of building issues and I was really feeling down.

I didn’t want to sign up for the trainings because I didn’t want to spend any more money on my business before I got it going.  But Brittany told me I could not afford not to do this and I believed her, because of the way I had already started to change my thinking from the introduction call.

Today I walked in and knew 2 new prospects were coming.  I knew more about them than I had known about people who had been my members for a month when I first opened. I knew exactly what they wanted out of the class and I tailored the workout to show how well we can offer that.  When the time came to close them, I told them about our special and said I would stick around so that the ‘let me talk to my spouse’ client could just call right there and then.  Oh and I charged registration fees to both of them (that was something I had been so scared of when I was less confident in myself).  Anyway I got myself 2 new members today and it is 100% because of what I learned from Brittany & Karen AND the others in my training.  And beyond that, these new members found what they were looking for here.  


I cannot say thank you enough.


-Owner, New Jersey

Jul 31st, 2017

Monthly Goal Achieved!!!!! YAY!!!

In the last year, I’ve never gained more than maybe 3-4 members in a month (and that was like twice during a free event or when I basically paid people to become members because I was desperate to get some numbers) and I had MANY MANY months where we gained no new members. 

I set a crazy goal this month and I put it out there, I thought I was seriously setting myself up for failure…..but I DID IT!  I freaking DID IT!!  I wanted to bring in 20 new members in to my program, and here’s where my numbers landed: 

3 new 10 pass members and 17 new monthly members.  

Then in an attempt to get a few new members in the door who weren’t committing but who I KNEW wanted in, I did a 24 hour flash sale for a shorter pass good for only a month and I brought in 5 more new members.  I won’t be doing this regularly, but I’m so glad I did.  LOVING my training group!


-Owner, Illinois

Jul 8th, 2017

You know that moment... when you look at your income and expense report for the previous month and realize that the income is nearly double the expense and then further realize that the sales trainings worked?!?

We've all had those months where we've barely squeaked by... but it is ALL WORTH IT


-Owner, California

Jun 19th, 2017

Today I had six new prospects come to workout (six!!) and due to my amazing sales training had formed ready relationships with three of them and sold four of them today. One is going back to work on Monday and is coming to a different workout tomorrow to try it out and another moving away in a month and I'm positive will do drop ins until then.

I Get home to find one surprise sale and three new prospects ready to sign up for a different workout, all three of which I worked hard for....hard like, four emails each. which for me is three emails more than normal.

And AND AND the reason for this post, one prospect who I was sort of just fooling around with, I liked them, they came to workout once and then again but they work from home and it's hard for them to come to one program so I kept bugging them about the other option, even though they never actually said they’d like to do the other option, but like, me doing everything that Brittany Bachmanand Karen Joy have been talking about and i just got home from dinner and checked my inbox because... new program starting tomorrow and also I've got a problem and kaboom, theres an email from my new work from home prospect, saying I finally talked to my sig other and I'm in for new workout option. 

i sat there staring at my phone mouth open. Full on disbelief. My husband thought someone died.

And I was actually complaining out loud today because my crm system sucks and I've had all these sales and potentials to track and my head is swimming with who to follow up with and for what. 

oh my. 

anyway. all to say, those of you hanging back and just absorbing and not saying anything in the group. the lessons totally work. Just do it. It really makes a huge huge impact.


-Owner, New York

May 9th, 2017

I'm a 5 hour marathoner. I often joke that I'm on the slow train, but I always get there eventually.

So maybe two months ago? Brittany asked me to tell everyone when I'm comfortable selling after a workout. I'm happy to say we had 3 new prospects in to workout on Monday and 2 have signed up. I'm working with the third to offer a new package.  And it felt awesome!

My numbers are still nowhere close to many of you, but I've hit my sales goal and September is now my biggest sales month EVER. Oh and we still have more than half of the month left!

Newbies- get excited. No matter where you are you are about to explode. Listen to the lessons, be open to the challenges that are going to be thrown your way, and try to overcome the gremlins that will try to keep you back. For people who are not used to this, it seems crazy and hard and weird. But I promise you, it works. And your members, clients and employees will be happier!

-Franchisee, Texas

May 7th, 2017

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