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HA Brittany Bachman it's easy when you have a pro telling you how to do it!!! Where were you six years ago when I started this business?! My follow up was all kinds of wrong spewing information at them formal(SO not me!) i'm sure I lost so many prospects because of it. I got brave and friended /message people. A little chat and sent them an "exclusive link" to sign up early for a special we're running today. Had 7 new members sign up last night!!! And the best part is that seven met my goal!!!!!!! Happy tears over here in Texas y'all. 😭😀🙌🎉


-Franchisee, Texas

Apr 9th, 2017

I sold a membership after class on Saturday when I used the verbage "if you signup right now" instead of "if you signup within 24 hours". She siad "right now now, like now?" I said YES. She said OKAY and ran to her stroller for her wallet... ahhhhhhh. I'm sad to say that as one of the largest franchisees and a 4.5 year veteran, I was still sending them home with a pricing package before this training because I don't want to be 'too pushy'. This training is life changing!! And my friend and I did our initial training together when we both bought... i bet we both wish we had this training back then. I always thought (and was told) the program would 'sell itself' and while it DOES in a way because it's easy to get people hooked when they come, you still need to follow up a LOT, because people are BUSY.. especially when it comes to getting them to their first workout.

-Owner, Florida

Mar 14th, 2017

ok, y'all! I had a goal of 60 peeps in my program for my January session of which I raised my price from $60/ month

I just counted my paid new session clients for J/F and I am at 55 peeps with 3 outstanding purchase requests with five days and a preview to go!!!

Thank you to Brittany Bachman and Karen Joy and YOU LOVELIES for pushing me outside of my comfort zone to dig deep and reach high!

-Owner, Washington

Feb 5th, 2017

I love this sales group. This group is helping all of us to expand all parts of our businesses. While there are many reasons that I get excited to have more clients – including reaching more people, supporting more people, making new friends, money, etc. My all-time favorite part about growing my business is being able to take workout with my instructors. My team is truly gifted and passionate. So thanks to Brittany Bachman and Karen Joy for teaching us all to be sales rockstars! More clients = more workouts for us to do 😍

-Owner, Illinois

Jan 25th, 2017

Karen and Brittany are a dynamic duo. They teach from years of experience, continual learning and excellent mentoring. My business was successful prior to working with them, but they helped me launch my business into a dimension that I didn't know was possible. They supported me, my staff and the goals I was trying to achieve in my business. In my five years of business, working with Karen and Brittany was the BEST investment I have made into my business and myself as a manager/owner. I would, and do, highly recommend their services! 


-Owner, Washington

Nov 6th, 2016

Hi Brittany,

Your session with Karen at our Conference was so great that I swear my hand is still cramped from note-taking. Thank you for sharing so much knowledge and encouragement; it was mind-blowing and I am grateful for the work you put into that.


-Franchisee, Wisconsin

Oct 11th, 2016

Happy Monday Britt!!

Just wanted to send some love and say thank you! I spent Saturday catching up on all your videos and they gave me SO much! I woke up this morning and sold two memberships/pilot sessions and a hat---I just wanted you to know that you're awesome :-) and you helped me so much!

Much Love!

-Franchisee, Ohio

Jun 13th, 2016

So I get on this call with you two, then I start busting through my work to do list... I get two emails for one year old leads "I never forgot about you and NOW I am ready!" It is like the stars aligned and productivity was my friend... Cheers to Thursday!

-Franchisee, Washington

Jan 14th, 2016

You guys….Wow!  I’m headed out to our 9am workout, so I’ll only catch the beginning of this session.  (It’s the one time I don’t want anyone to show up for a workout so I can do the full sales training session).  I just wanted to post how MIND-BLOWING this sales training has been for my business.  My goal this year is to reach 100 members before the end of the year.  I’m certain this goal will be surpassed after this training!  Here’s why:  My strengths are lead generation and my weakness until now has been follow up.  When I finally ran all of the reports I was blown away at how many leads I have generated and dropped the ball on.  Not that I have an awesome CRM it feels so much better!  So thank you for sharing and thank you Brittany & Karen for this amazing group.  I’m beginning to feel sorry for the franchisees who didn’t sign up for this group.  It’s already paid for itself, they are truly missing out!

-Owner, Hawaii

Feb 25th, 2020

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